PPD – Tote Bag Long Live PTBM / Elbow Room

Elbow Room is a fantastic PTBM tradition: a show run by PTBM student each semester presenting some work that would not necessarily be presented in a conventional show. It includes videos performances sound pieces… 

For this year we were trying to found a way to make some money for the end of the year Degree Show. For the first Elbow Room done this year, we had a bar and a little shop where we sold our works, I previously sold some little prints and food to raise a little money.  

First Elbow Room of this year done in the lecture theatre of Wimbledon College

After the first Elbow room we learn that the Print and Time-Based Media will be shut down in the summer 2021. We were all very upset and felt betrayed by the school as we already had some problems concerning our status and space as PTBM course. The university decided to finance the second elbow room of the year to be able to do it outsideFor the second. We decided to step the shop to the next level and with Hara Ailamaki (co-ptbm student) we decided to crete some PTBM tote bag that we could sell. Hara managed to get some founding from the school to be able to pay the tote bags and some tee shirts. Having access to the screen printing studio we could print any design that we wanted on the tote bags and decided a design related to the course and the academic situation: LONG LIVE PTBM. 

We made a total of 53 bags !!! 

The second elbow room took place on the Friday 13th March at the South Kiosk in Copeland. For that I bought a card reader machine to be able t accept card and we bought some beers for the audience. The show was a great success !!! A lot of people showed up, a lot of alumnies as well which was really important as Elbow room is a PBTM tradition even more after knowing that UAL is shutting down the course.

We made a lot of money that night but most important of all everybody was very supportive of Elbow room and very happy about their night !

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