PPD – Made in France exhibition 17th – 22nd December 2019

I was contacted by Vincent Ilunga, founder and director of Music & Arts Connection, to take part into MADE IN FRANCE, a group exhibition showcasing 16 French artists in London from the 17th to the 22nd of December 2019 at the Especial Gallery in Shoreditch. 

It was the first time that I was invited to participate in an exhibition outside the academic structure and it was very exciting. 

For this exhibition, I chose to show two different projects: the first one was the video of Paris ma Chérie which was perfectly matching the context and idea of the exhibition. The second project was a series of 5 scans of various objects which I thought in the context of a commercial gallery would potential feat the best. 

All the artists were invited to come on the Sunday 15th of December when we would get the keys of the gallery and from 8pm to 10pm was the installation of our work and the following day was also dedicated to installation. My work was very easy to install as I just had to plug the USB in the projector for the video and the images were very light so easy to install on the structure of the gallery. The exhibition opened to the public on the Tuesday 17th from 1pm to 9pm and the rest of the week to 22nd. The opening went very well and a lot of people showed up which I was very impressed by as it was Christmas time and was expecting people to either be home already or to busy to come.

selection of my work presented at MADE IN FRANCE
selection of my work presented at MADE IN FRANCE

I had very positive feedback on my work and was very happy with the installation of the show. What was interesting in the show was the diversity of work presented by Vincent from painting to sounds piece to post-it installation and much more. Looking back on the show the gallery which usually is supposed to provide a client list did not and this was probably one of the only problems of this show as of course all the artist did not really know potential buyers.

For the first show, I was very happy with how it went overall. 

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