PPD – Chez Maddalena / Romina de Novellis

During the global pandemic I was invited to showcase some of my work : a projection resulting from the collaboration between the Italian performer artist Romina de Novellis and I. This piece is a video projection made in Paris in the context of the lockdown and probably would not have come to life outside of the context.

It all started with the project of Romina de Novellis ‘Chez Maddalena’ in Paris. Romina as most of the world was in quarantine. Frustrated by the situation she decided to focus her creativity to create this project which would be accessible to all. Every night during the quarantine in Paris, Romina invited one person (artist, curator, searcher, writer, scientist…) to curate a projection of works. The projection was done from her daughter’s room onto the building in front of their windows. This project was first created for Romina as a need to interact with an audience which as a performer was a real need and became an act of resistance against the confinement in general and the enclosure of culture. Every night we were meeting online to assist to this moving moment of a shared passion. It was a way to show that even in small places art cannot be contained and need to be shared with an audience.

When Romina created this project I chose to send her this specific selection of work which I felt like the audience could interact the most in this context. I had 20 minutes to show my work. I decided to show three different pieces which for me was the best way to present myself to the audience as an artist.

The projection was composed of 4 videos, including 3 of my works:

– Ne pas oublier Chernobyl, 1986

A tribute to the Chernobyl events which took place the day of the projection

– Pauline Rossignol, Dancing Memories.

An animation project realised in 2019. Referring to personal archive revolving with family and friends, reworking this archive through the practice of drawing and then turning these drawing into moving image sketches that explore intimacy and gesture in my relationship to the subject. The moving image reveals more about the subjects psychologically and emotionally creating a sense of pathos. The drawings are made on tracing paper and then cut out so they became fragile throughout the process. When filmed and photographed with projected light they create negatives and positives qualities of line and degrees of sharpness and blurry.

– Pauline Rossignol, Paris ma Chérie, 2019

Hymn to my idealized vision of Paris, after 15 years of childhood in the city of light, and now a student in London I decided to create a dreamlike visual representation of this vision that I cherish, an image to which I cling and which flies away once it arrives, this vision evaporates. An invitation to dream and to collective utopia which in this context of global pandemic felt particularly relevant.

– Pauline Rossignol, La complainte d’un corps

This video was realised in 2018. ‘la complainte d’un crops’ is an ode to the quest of identity through the body. Exploring the dynamics that one can have with its own body and reflecting on the idea of obsolescence. Even if this project was made before the pandemic we are more than ever trap in our bodies. Being able to share that work and see these images of bodies dancing on the building was somehow really therapeutic and even if I can’t escape my thoughts, my body was dancing on the building of Paris.

The interaction between the windows full of life of the building and the different videos worked well for me and made the projection even more interesting. It became a dialogue between their world and mine which was very moving to see. The idea of presenting work interacting with a private space was really interesting to me and I will explore more this dynamic.

Being able to share my work to an audience, friends, and family in this context of lockdown was incredibly moving and being a part of this project with so many other fantastic people was really exciting and created a sense of community. It also created a new way to share art and culture which should definitely be explored and grow with time.

The lockdown ‘created’ this project which I had the chance to be a part of and which would have probably never happened in another context which I think is really motivating and quite surprising.

chez maddalena


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