Copeland Gallery – Interim show 22-24 February 2020

The interim show took place at the Copeland Gallery from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2020.

I was really satisfied with the outcome and had some real positive feedback from the audience and my peers. After the peer assessment, I got a potential grade of B+ (with A-, B, B+)

The main comments that came back were:

  • Interesting narrative/ mirroring / relationship between photographs
  • The different uses of the medium and the depth created by the installation work well.
  • Impressed by the experimentation with the photo exposure and the making of the lightboxes.
  • Very strong narrative

The main concern that was brought up in some of the feedback was the connection between the man on the curtains and the images in the lightboxes: materials and esthetically for some people they did not quite match in the presentation and maybe should have been presented in a different way as two different pieces? When I think about it maybe I should have but in the small amount of time that I had left to prepare everything I was very proud of the installation and the show.

Overall I was very happy with the end result. The installation of the show went very well for everyone and the collaboration between the sculpture students and the PTBM students worked perfectly to my point of view and created a unique show.


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