UNIT 9 – Experimentations

I had all the concept of my project in my head and my experimentations going well. I wanted to keep the textile material in my project and use family photography with it. Embroidery seemed pharaonic to do in such a short amount of time for the interim and I also discovered while doing my research that one artist had already done exactly what I had in mind: Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen

Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen
Future Heirloom exhibition 2012
Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen
Future Heirloom exhibition 2012


When I discovered that what I had imagine in my head for a month had been already done I first was really frustrated but her work also reminded me of some of my previous experimentations done in another project and that maybe was too similar to what I had previsously done. Playing with the lines the images and the transparency.

I decided to change my approach and use the images in another way. I still wanted to use textile in my work which I think is an interested material to use with images. I tried different experimentation with the images and tried to transfer the printed images onto textile: for that I used glue which worked very well on canvas fabric

These are two example of transfer that worked successfully. I really enjoyed the process and found the result aesthetically pleasing the only thing was that once they were done I had no idea of what to do with them or how to present them. What I enjoyed the most in the experiment apart from the end result was the process of transfer and creating another image from an already existing one. the other interesting part of the process is the lost if information, the transfer works on some level but the final result is definitely not identical to the original image and make the image (which is already old and not the best quality) even less likely to be understood. Drawing a parallel to memories i like this idea of replica and disappearance of data in the process of reproduction and so trying to make something last longer.

While experimenting with the glue the images and the fabric I thought that i might be able to transfer the image only through the glue without out having to ‘attached’ it to fabric. I tried to created a layer of glue that I would put on the image and on top put a piece of plastic. I first it was a big smug but after few minutes it created a layer of bubbles. I was really interesting in the visual and you could only see small parts of the pictures. I knew the picture so I could identify what was slowly appearing but for someone who has not seen the pictures before it created a new level on missing data.

I thought of making a sort of performance as during the experimentation the most interesting part was the glue moving around and slowly drying and revealing the image underneath it. I was planning for the interim show to install a piece of glass that you be hanging in front of a wall and in between the wall and the glass I would put the layer of glue and the image so the audience that would see the other side of the glass would throughout the exhibition slowly see the images appearing.

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potential interim installation
potential interim installation

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