UNIT 9 – Research artist inspiration

Based on my previous research about the family I look at artists that were playing with the figure and the narrative of the image by destroying it using threads of other different techniques.

  • Lisa Kokin: works with mixed media installation, assemblage and sculpture which explore the notions of memory, history, and social commentary. She used photographs as objects to create new ways of considering the photographic image and the results are layered, whimsical, artful, and unique. What interests me the most in her work is the use of the thread, such a simple material but she uses in a way that talks by itself and even if it is not a direct representation the audience still understands what the work represents.

The other part of her work that really inspired me is the dynamic created between the photographs itself through the use of the thread in her series Sewn Found Photos where she explains that “Sometimes there are inscriptions on the back (“Susie, 7 years old”) but more often they come to me stripped of all identity. I sit in my studio and speculate about the nature of the photographed people’s lives. (…) I try to invent an altogether different identity for them but of course, in the final analysis, these works are more about me than any of the hundreds of anonymous individuals who appear in my work.” The idea of one identity defined through photography and the appropriation of this identity is very poetic and quite profound at the same time. The other dimension that I like is that without her implication and her re-appropriation of these photographs they would probably be lost and not remembered by.

  • Cécile Perra: is a visual artist from France.  I found really interesting the way she mixes and matches all these different materials creating her own world with a storyline. I am particularly interested in the narrative she is creating in her composition. The composition of all the different materials is a beautiful match. They have a really childish look which I enjoy and make me, even more, relate to them. 


Based on the artist above, the different use of the material and concept I experimented with the different figures and faces of my family using embroidery and screenprint.

What was important to me was the idea of distortion: memories are never accurate and the images captured do not necessarily represent the real dynamic between the member of the family. I created a complex network of memories which altogether represent one shape, one storyline: one’s identity is based on various memories and events that shaped his/her life. The idea of creating this little entity was to recreated one ‘official story’ which can still be flexible and shaped the way each individual would in there mind.


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